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Frances, Anne [1].

Conservation Status Assessments: IUCN Red List and NatureServe Ranks.

A critical first step in the process of species conservation is gathering information on the species’ ecology, reproductive biology, population size and threats. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and NatureServe Conservation Status Assessments use these data to determine whether a species is threatened, enabling conservationists and policymakers to take informed, prioritized conservation action. Along with economic value, cultural considerations, feasibility, and other factors, the risk of extinction for a species is a primary factor motivating conservation initiatives.
This training workshop will introduce participants to the two most important threat assessment platforms in North America and provide the background information, tools, resources, and support structure needed to undertake threat assessments of priority plant species. The overlapping data structures as well as important differences between both frameworks will be discussed as well as the key metrics necessary for conducting an assessment. In addition to providing training for those who may conduct assessments, this workshop will better clarify the meaning of different conservation statuses, provide guidance on the proper interpretation and usage of conservation status in implementation of projects, and clarify the data which is necessary to assess a species.

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1 - NatureServe, 2550 South Clark Street, Suite 930, Arlington, VA, 22202, United States

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Date: Thursday, January 1st, 1970
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